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Because We Are Bad
by Lily Bailey

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This book is subtitled, "OCD & A Girl Lost in THught." Ms. Bailey shares her mental health issues from childhood to adulthood in this nonfiction account. As I read the book, I felt more & more uncomfortable. Although I am a compassionate person, I couldn't finish this book - it was very, very hard to read & I don't recommend it.

The Wanted
by Robert Crais

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This is the latest installment in the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series. It has a fast-paced story line with some intriguing characters, among them a teen hacker and high school students who moonlight as high stakes burglars. A great beach (or other vacation spot) read!

The History Of Bees
by Maja Lunde

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I love this book. It manages to tell three distinct stories in three distinct time periods and bring it all together into one, overarching theme and event.

Mr Monkey
by Francine Prose

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Mr Monkey is a character in a children's book that has been adapted as a musical and revived some 20 odd years later. The story is told in turn by some of the people (actors, playwright, audience members, etc) who are involved in the production. The story keeps both circling around and rippling outward as the perception keeps shifting and the long and short term interactions are revealed. An entertaining and engaging read.

A Place For Us Fatima Farheen Mirza
by Fatima Farheen Mirza Author

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A great first novel from Farheen Mirza. An interesting perspective shift towards the end of the novel, but a bit repetitive at times. I felt myself becoming very close to the family, especially the elder sister Hadia. Not my favorite book, but a good read.

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind
by Shunryu Suzuki

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These writings are taken from Mr. Suzuki's talks in California in the 1960's. He writes abut "Right Effort," "Emptiness," "Constancy," and other ways to stay fully in each moment. Although I'm not a formal meditator, I found this book to be enlightening & educating during this difficult time when I am no longer able to watch the news. I am very grateful for this book.

There There
by Tommy Orange

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This was so good, I wanted to immediately re-read it after I finished it. There were so many "WAIT- WHAT?? OMG, but that's the guy who..." moments. And it's great to hear another Native American voice in literature.

Mary Poppins
by P. L. Travers

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Very different from the film and play versions. Mary Poppins is much more conceited. And the magical happenings less incorporated with the overall story.

Awkward Thoughts Of W. Kamau Bell
by W. Kamau Bell

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Funny, relevant. Would recommend to most friends. Especially liked how he described the process of he was called out and is now in the process of learning how to do intersectional comedy-- not tearing down women, etc.

Dear Miss Demeanor
by Joan Hess

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Bookseller Claire Malloy turned temporary substitute high school journalism teacher investigates the poisoning deaths of the principal and the custodian of the school and tries to protect the honor of a beloved teacher fired on charges of embezzlement. Claire's character is full of wry humor in dealing with her teenage daughter and the school bureaucracy and cliques. This is a fast, fun read.
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