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The Silent Assassin
by Lori Andrews

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This is the second book featuring geneticist Alexandra Blake, who is asked to deal with "trophy skulls" brought back by soldiers returning from Vietnam. The plot also involves oil and high finance and a plot against the president. The book is a good read but there are a lot of loose strings left over that aren't dealt with.

Kindest Regards New And Selected Poems
by Ted Kooser

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Ted Kooser's poetry has the spare, silent feel of an Edward Hopper painting. Deserted farms, Nebraska landscapes and memories of his parents and grandparents fill the works which are both new and selected from previous collections. He writes with elegance, economy and an understated sense of humour of relationships and our connections to the past.

by Dan Brown

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A thrilling continuation of the Robert Langdon story.

The Myth of Repressed Memory
by Elizabeth Loftus

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Very interesting book on psychology, therapy, and social hysteria in the '90s.

Glitter And Glue
by Kelly Corrigan

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Story of how author came to appreciate her mom's style and wisdom. Kelly ran out of money during a year of traveling so she started work as a nanny in Australia. A widower hires her to care for his two young children and Kelly unexpectedly reassesses the role of her own mother. I like the author's style, so I sought this book out after reading Tell Me More. It's a quick read and I'd recommend it to anyone in the young-to-middle-age-mom demographic. Addresses some end of life issues.

Glass Houses
by Louise Penny

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I discovered Louise Penny"s Inspector Gamache series not so long ago and this is now my third book. I have been reading them out of sequence but it seems to work. These books are widely acclaimed for good reason. Penny is a master of building psychological suspense and creating engaging characters. Certainly a winning combination for a page turning mystery book.

Because We Are Bad
by Lily Bailey

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This book is subtitled, "OCD & A Girl Lost in THught." Ms. Bailey shares her mental health issues from childhood to adulthood in this nonfiction account. As I read the book, I felt more & more uncomfortable. Although I am a compassionate person, I couldn't finish this book - it was very, very hard to read & I don't recommend it.

Save The Cat
by Blake Snyder

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Quite a funny little guide to the art and business screenwriting by Blake Snyder. Good, helpful information on screenwriting process and bits of storytelling and characterization. Could be quite funny (Blake Snyder's personality really shines through) if a bit know it all-y, but hey, maybe he does know it all so who can blame him.

How To Get Sht Done
by Erin Falconer

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I enjoyed the way reading of this book and the tips inside. Very helpful!

Station Eleven
by Emily St. John Mandel

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Picked this up at a little free library and zipped right through it. Good mix of dystopia, lit fic, and domestic drama for a fast summer escape. When everything we have is gone, what are we left with, what endures?
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